Question PC doesn't boot after updated Platform Key ?

Oct 31, 2021
Hello, I have a big problem, I have Windows 11 on my computer and I wanted to play Valorant on my pc but having the tpm 2.0 and the secure boot it still does not thank you, suddenly I looked full videos, tutorials ....
I came across a video or the guy in the bios> secure boot> custom> Platform Key and it must be updated, so I do it and since that moment my pc has restored but no more display and the DRAM led on, I tried to CLEAR CMOS with the two pins and the battery but nothing.
I tested with other new ram, I disassemble reassemble to see if there was not a bad contact (proc, graphics card, ram).
The one who has the solution is a god, I would have liked to update the bios but I can not see that it does not start and then no display, I do not have a button on the motherboard to flash.

My config:

Ryzen 5 2600 stock
GTX 1660 super
B450 Aorus Elite v1
550w power supply

PC that I built almost 2 years ago now