Question Pc doesn't boot, keeps restarting fans

Mar 10, 2019
So lately i got a new CX450 for my build's PSU, and after a couple of weeks it failed.

What happened was that i would press the boot button, CPU and GPU fans would start spinning, but after a couple of seconds they stop, PC makes a "turning off noise", wait 3 three more seconds and it would start all over again, the only way to break the cycle was to pull the plug or turn off the PSU from the switch.

I managed to isolate the problem and RMA'd the PSU, the folks from the store sent an e-mail saying that yeah the PSU was faulty and they'd send me a new one seen.

Well my new PSU arrives and i still have the same problem, like, the exact same problem, could it actually be that this new PSU is also faulty in the exact same way as the last one?

PS: My pc would succesfully boot every once in a while with the old PSU, i could leave it on basically forever, but once it turned off i just had to pray for it to turn on again. Eventually, even when it turned on it wouldn't stay on forever, it would turn off after about 2 hours of use. With the new PSU, i still haven't managed to turn it on.


core i5 3330
Rx 560
ASrock h61m-hg4
1x4gb DDR3 1333Mhz
1x4gb DDR3 1600Mhz (running at 1333)

I'm trying to boot the PC with absolutely nothing connected to it (except for the power cable), no peripherals, no GPU, not even the SSD, just the HDD.