Question PC doesn't boot with integrated graphics anymore

May 1, 2019

Here are my specs:
MB : asus z370-i mini itx gaming
CPU: i7 8700
PSU: pico psu 160w
16gb of ram

Ok so yesterday my computer was running perfectly. The monitor was connected via hdmi to the onboard graphic.

Suddenly, the screen flashed for a few seconds and then it went black.

I try to reboot but the motherboard led doesnt turn green, it stays on solid white (VGA led) and the bios doesn't show on screen.

I unplug everything, reset bios, update bios, replace the psu to a beefier one but it stays the same.

However, when I put an external graphic card, the pc boots perfectly and the image shows on screen.

Therefore, i think there is a problem with either the integrated graphic part of the cpu or the motherboard hdmi connector.

Is there something else I can try?

Also do you think that the problem could be due to the pico psu I was using when the problem appeared? When it occured, I was using more peripherals than usual. Could it have fried the mb or the graphic part of the cpu because of its small power?

Thank you for you answer.
Use of inadequate power supplies running at maximum output for extended periods of time can lead to premature failure of the power supply.

Page 1-15 of motherboard manual :
For a fully configured system, we recommend that you use a power supply unit (PSU) that complies with ATX 12 V Specification 2.0 (or later version) and provides a minimum power of 350 W.