Question Pc doesn't post after inserting gpu

Dec 1, 2022
Hello guys, so i have a very strange issue (or i had). So i purchased a new rtx 3070 aorus master and the installation day finally came. My pc had a 1050ti so i unplugged it and inserted the new gpu. When i booted the computer it couldn't even get into bios. The first strange thing that i noticed was that the wraith prism produced different colors (???). I tried to turn the pc off from the power button to no avail. After i managed to turn the power off i immediately pluggdx the previous card, nothing again. After replugging the 3070 the pc somehow managed to boot but Windows were extremely slow and buggy. Then i did a cmos reset and tried booting again, sometimes the pc managed tk boot but windows were unsable and i got some blue screens. One important thing to note is that the red lights on the mobo(x570 aorus pro) were cycling between dram and cpu when the pc was trying to boot. After some hours of total dispair i booted on my second drive where i have fedora installed. Everything seemed fine until i copied some files fromcmy windows partition, then it froze and I turned the pc. Off from the power button, after that it struggled to boot once again (not even bios)
After that i literally didn't know what to do so I just unplugged a memory module and plugged it to another socket, now I booted in fedora again and ive done several restarts and the pc seems to be working fine, now the next step will be to do a clean install of windows because even after change of the ram socket they are still slow and buggy
So after all this madness i truly wonder :wtf is going on?
How did just installing a new gpu affected the system like that?
Was the crash in fedora related to corrupt files or the ram?
Was it the ram after all? But then again why?
Is it a mobo issue?
Why are fedora running smoothly (for now) but Windows are broken?
Sorry for the long post but this is pure madness, i appreciate any ideasnin the matter, hope you are all well

My specs are :
Mb :x570 aorus pro
Cpu;ryzen 7 3700x
Ram:tridentzn3200 (2x8)
Gpu;rtx 3070 aorus master
980 evo pro 500gb
970 evo plus 500gb