Question Pc doesnt recognize any drives

Aug 6, 2019
I tried last night to start my pc again(i started it the same day but in the morning) and this message appeared: reboot and select proper boot device. I get this message quite often because for some reason it cant recognize the ssd where the os is on. Usually i reconnect the cables and problem solved. Now it doesnt want to find the damn ssd, not even the rest. Inside the bios i can not find any of my drives. I took everything out, blowed them with a freaking compressor changed all the sata cables both power and the one for the mobo, and still nothing. I tried putting different cables on different ports, different cables on the drives, one drive at the time only, and still nothing. Inside the boot order it has 3 options, removable device, samsung ssd(not the one which is the os on) and a cd rom. These i guess are saved by the pc itself cause like i said it cant find the drives. Drives i have are: OCZ ssd(has os), samsung ssd, samsung hdd. Im thinking of contacting asus(the brand of the mobo) maybe the ports are all falty, but im guessing they wont be able to do much because this motherboard is like 10 years old (rampage 3 formula). Ive wasted in total more than 5 hours of trying different techniques and researching.. Hope anyone has a few ideas to spare. TIA.