Question Pc doesn't turn on after power outage


Oct 23, 2019
Good day everyone.
So the issue I'm having is exactly how it's in the thread title. My country has a lot of power outages now and sometimes (rarely) blackouts.
After power goes off and my desktop PC disconnects from electricity I can't turn the system back on. It turns on but doesn't even show the starting screen to enter the bios. The only way to fix this is to unplug the power cable and hold power button for 10 seconds as many times as needed until it starts. Sometimes it doesn't work at all and I have to unplug my motherboard battery to reset bios completely and turn on PC. Any help appreciated.

My PC specs:
Gigabyte b550m ds3h (bios version f16a)
Ryzen 5 3600
Rx 570 8gb
16gb ddr4 ram 3200mhz (profile)
M. 2 for system + 2 ssd + hdd.
Windows 10 pro
No hardware is broken as everything functions properly.

Thanks in advance


i dont have issues with how my pc functions outside of the problem with power outage, as i explained.
"My refrigerator runs fine except that it doesn't keep food cold."
"My car works fine, it just doesn't drive."
"My office window is in perfect condition, it's just missing the glass."

You appears to have a power issue, possibly caused by a power outage and you have a very low-quality power supply that doesn't take a lot to destroy. That you were actually overclocking on this low-quality power supply increases the odds something bad happened to the PSU. And hopefully, it didn't take anything to the grave with it. You've likely been slowly damaging your components for a long time, so it wouldn't take much for one or more components to give up the ghost.

But in any case, you can't resolve a power issue without a known, working power supply.
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so suggest to move to somewhere with reliable power is out of the question?

anyway. using surge protector?
the other thing could be replace is the motherboard.

another option is sell this pc and get a laptop.