PC doesnt turn on for hours!


Nov 18, 2012
My home built system shuts down normally and wont power up for several hours. Has been happening for over a month now. Sometimes i have to wait for a day to turn power on. MB LED keeps lit. Whenever the power thing happens i power down the system from the mains and keep it over night, normally it boots up the next morning. Well then, sometimes it wont.

I have tried a working PSU(700W), same problem persists.
Iam suspecting(hoping) that its a MB fault.

Does any sign point to the graphic card, or is there a way i could rule out the gpu, for instance trying to boot up without it?

Please guys help me on this issue, anyone who came across this problem? any solution will be greatly appreciated. thank you ppl in advance.

ASUS p8h61-m lx
I7 3770, Cooler Master Fan
4 GB RAM X 2 slots
Nvidia GTX 670

Bad caps on the motherboard, it can't get enough juice to trigger the power sequence. You could probably get it going (and this is a test to determine as well) by jumping the power supply when it's connected to the motherboard. I've done this with many PC's that had bad motherboard caps and just wanted to keep the PC on all the time. Sometimes it's the voltage regulators or anything things on the MB as well.

Disconnect the power from the back on if the unit. Get a paperclip and cut it or a piece of wire that can fit between the green pin on the power supply connector going to the motherboard and a black pin next to it so a connection is made between the green and black pins. Push it in the top of the power supply connector good. Plug the power in the back of the PC and press the power button.

You PC may boot and this will help determine if it's the motherboard or your PSU.