Question PC Doesn't turn on until I reset CMOS


Jan 9, 2019
Basically, my issue is, I'll be using my pc for a few weeks/months no problems at all, no signs of something being wrong with my system in the slightest. Then randomly one day I go to power my PC up like on any other day to come and find out it won't power on.
My motherboard shows signs of life with the power button lighting up red, but the second i press the button to switch it on, the red LED turns off, showing no signs of life, like as if it's died on me. For me to fix this, all I have to do is take out the CMOS battery, put it back in and then everything is working like normal.

I've already replaced the CMOS battery with a new one, I had the motherboard checked on/replaced by Gigabyte themselves like 2 years ago and yet the issue seems to still persist. Anybody got any ideas on what could be causing this issue? Or is it something i'm just going to have to deal with every now and then, as it's not exactly preventing me from using my pc it's just a small annoying issue to have.