Question Pc electrical problem wont let me turn on the pc sometimes


Feb 5, 2017
People, I need to ask you, what do you think it can be? This is my problem.

For some reason my source of power when under load makes a sound that is little heard but heard also it wont boot sometimes not even reaching BIOS, but all the fans and lights will turn on

I changed the PSU and thought that it would be fixed, but the other PSU apparently came from factory damaged, (did not give enough energy and did not turn it on DOING THE SAME EXACT THING as the other PSU)So I returned it.

Tried again with this old PSU (the first one) but I put it in another power strip and worked ... then I said well it must be that the problem is in this power strip,I connected it to another one and it worked without problem, several days when well.

One day (2weeks max) I went to sleep I turned off everything and the next day didnt turn on (again everything turned on but did not give me a signal did not pass to the bios) I got tired and borrowed a PSU of ultra quality tier 1 expensive to try it , just when I was going to try it. I came up with the idea of changing the PSU cable (Since I always use the same one never changed it), and pff work without issues, and it made no noise or anything I said was the cable ???

well I decided to try the other PSU just to try it and when I it was under loada hellish coil whine happend I returned it, kept my PSU with the cable changed and everything was working perfect,

I said I'm going to buy a stabilizer is a matter of voltage in the house I THOUGHT, yesterday I bought and used it all day without problem, today I turned on the PC the same thing happened again. I tried without a stabilizer and also in another power strip, but I did not work then I plugged it directly without stabilizer nor power strip and it turn on.

What can be? I cant think of anything else anymore, I even look at the capacitors of the motherboard to see if any of them was inflated but they all look fine everything looks fine. can what it be?
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