Question PC enters power saving mode when playing games.


Mar 25, 2019

My PC keeps entering power save mode when I play bigger games. But when I play smaller games it's perfectly fine. When I enter power save mode, everything in the background runs fine but I am forced to restart the PC.
It basically blacks out both monitors but I can still hear and talk to friends.

My guesses are bad PSU or GPU but how exactly do I narrow it out.

ty for all help <3
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You seem to be all over the map, even guessing, but definitely going in multiple directions.

The cpu going into power saving mode. Bigger games require higher amounts of cpu processing power, and that usage gets generated as heat. Walk a mile and not break a sweat, run that same mile and you'd be sweating like crazy. That heat given off by the cpu has to be dealt with or the cpu overheats and throttles down. This creates poor usage and the game frame output goes in the toilet.

Has nothing to do with monitors blacking out, that's usually caused by the gpu having issues. So run a program like Coretemp or HWInfo (sensors only) and monitor the temps of the cpu and gpu. If they are getting close enough to 100°C, then you've found the cause, which most of the time is attributed to needing to be cleaned of dust clogging the heatsinks and fans.

Same applies to the psu, if it's overheating because of a dirty dust filter and starved for airflow, it'll have nasty results, especially if it's a low grade psu that was short on power to begin with.