Question PC Error and Not Booting Properly


Dec 7, 2013
My PC (built years ago) randomly went to a Windows Stop blue screen. I have turn it on and after the motherboard MAG screen, the circular dots on the bottom of the screen run for a few moments and then directly to a black screen with an error window stating "c:\Program Files\Tablet\Wacom\Wacom_Tablet.exe"

I have unplugged my Wacom tablet but still having this issue.

The screen is entirely black except for the error window. I had not changed anythinf or updated anythinf prior, so I think it may be a Windows error. Ctrl+Alr+Del doesn't work and I can't seem to figure out how to use any keyboard inputs to access any menus.

I tried repeatedly turning on the PC and using some of the options but it requires me to use a Windows password and I cannot remember it. My windows website password doesn't work so it must be some local password.

I'm lost on this and hoping someone may have some insight on what I should do. I can provide a video if needed.

I haven't called Microsoft yet but I will if I don't find any help here.