Question PC fails to boot after adding Memory to empty slot

Mar 23, 2023
Hi folks. I wonder if anyone can help. I've got a HP Prodesk 400 PC which has 2 memory slots. There was an 8gb module in one of them with the other empty. I ran the Crucial scanner and it suggested I add another 8gb of memory in the empty slot. I purchased direct from Crucial but after inserting the module in the empty slot the PC fails to boot and the fans sound like a hovercraft.

I've taken the original module out and placed the crucial memory in that slot and it works fine but none of the modules work in the empty slot. When I try a single module in that slot it fails to boot as well. Crucial suggest I update the BIOS and reset CMOS battery. Could this fix it or do you think it's a motherboard issue

Many thanks