Question PC fails to boot following shutdown with a single audible *BEEP*

Mar 30, 2020
Hi forum,

I have a really peculiar problem that requires a bit of back story! My PC was failing to boot all of a sudden, after being left for a week i was able to simply flip the switch on again and it booted up , but a few days later the same issue where i couldn't turn it on at all.

I replaced my PSU which didn't help as i was still unable to boot up the PC at all, the only sign of life i saw was when i mistakenly left the PSU power ON and plugged in the 24pin connected to my motherboard which for a split second spun the cpu fan. But other than that i could not get any life out of the computer.

I then replaced my motherboard and that fixed it as i booted up right away! however when i turned off my computer i received a noise i had heard before changing/upgrading my parts, one single post powering off BEEP from my computer, after this beep i was unable to turn the PC on again, however flipping the PSU power switch on and off quickly and then pressing the computers power button actually allowed the PC to boot again, something i was unable to achieve so quickly with the old motherboard having it only boot after a week of being left switched off.

My problem is above my level of understanding at this point, it appears to not be PSU or Motherboard related! could it somehow be prephials causing this? maybe ram im really not sure, below are my specs if that is any help! any and all suggestions would be helpful thanks in advance.

Ryzen 3600
16G DDR4
AB350 Pro 4 AsRock ---Replaced with a new MSI AB450 A-ProMax
gtx1070ti msi
Corsair RM650i PSU - also tested an older 700w TR2 Thermaltake PSU
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Dec 31, 2015
Try running with only one stick of ram, maybe it is a ram issue. look for any visible damage on either of the boards, better chance youll see anything with you first, maybe your power supply took out your old board and your new one upon trying to turn it on, I dont think this is all too likely but worth checking. you could try uninstalling your cpu and looking for and bent pins though this is really unlikely.