Question PC Failure - Turns on, no display, working before

Feb 7, 2020
While I was watching a movie my pc randomly shut off and said it was starting automatic repairs with windows. Confused I tried to continue to windows without the repair and it black screened and said I had no signal on my monitor. I shut it off, rebooted and kept trying to let the auto repair fix it, and tried to continue to windows over and over but it did the same thing with the black screen. Windows allowed me to reset the operating system and clean install windows which still didn’t work, same black screen. Then I tried formatting my ssd and installing a fresh windows with a usb and it finally booted it up to windows, except with no internet. After troubleshooting the network connection multiple times, it actually fixed it for all about 30 seconds until it said “no internet access” even though I was connected to the network. This happened multiple times, and nothing could get the internet working. After very confused thought I tried reseating my cpu and took the motherboard battery out hand back in and finally, my computer booted to windows magically with internet access (when I was troubleshooting the connection before and had the 30 seconds of internet before cutting out, I still couldn’t load a web page or do anything that required internet even though it said it was fixed). So now the system seems to be fixed considering I have internet access and everything seems to be working.
I decide to connect my 2nd display (whichh is actually my main display, I was using the 2nd one to do all this) but it wasn’t detecting my main display so I updated the driver in properties. It said it was a basic driver and had a loading bar indicating that it was in fact installing a new driver which would allow me to detect my main display. Midway through the driver installation both screens continue black, computer still on except no display. When I try to turn on the computer now it gives me no display, no automatic repairs, no bios, nothing. The computer still turns on and all fans except the gpu fans spin.

I am frustrated, upset, and mainly confused as to what’s going on. I mean it can’t be my mobo, cpu, gpu, ram, or ssd right? All of those seemed to be just working fine as the computer was booted with internet access.
The only thing that comes across my mind now is the power supply. I dust my computer rarely and when I do I don’t include the power supply. It’s 6 years old, 750W and it’s Corsair which I trust wouldn’t fail for a long time. Does anyone think it could be the power supply, that’s the only solution I think I have left.