Question PC fan becomes loud on startup and doesn't boot

Mar 22, 2023
Every time I boot my PC normally with the power button on the case, my fans become loud and the screen stays black (no signal). I was able to solve it temporarily, here is how: right after the end of my session, Win10 --> shutdown --> wait 30 sec --> turn off power. The next day when I start my session I just turn my power back on and boot the PC and with this method it's actually working every time. I didn't encounter any performance loss when gaming, or any data loss on HDD/SSD.

Things I did while having this problem:
  • Windows reinstall (twice)
  • Upgraded my RAM from 16 to 32GB (3000mhz)
  • PC clean
  • i5-9600k
  • GTX 1660 Ti
  • 32GB RAM
  • Win10 Pro
PS: I'm ready to give more info but currently this is everything came to my mind