Question PC fans at max speed and not getting any display

Sep 16, 2022
Happened 2 weeks ago, I was playing a valorant game and my main monitor turns black and my 2nd monitor turns white. I restarted and my game was at 90 frames compared to 300. I restarted again and everything worked like usual except for task manager which was frozen as soon as I launched it. Same issue happens a week later when I am playing another steam game. And starts happening daily. Every few restarts, my pc fan would spinning at max speed and display won't work but it could be fixed with a turn off and on. Today, I crashed during tft. I restarted and got back into it until I crashed again. Now it won't launch, fans spinning at max speed and there is no display every time I try boot it up.

Every time I put the display port into the GPU, my monitor does pick up a signal, but my monitor goes to sleep, tried on 2 different monitors

Motherboard lights up and the wireless adapter (which is plugged into my motherboard) for my gpro works and mouse lights up.

Rarely my fan would start at normal boot speed, that's when i turn it off for 30 min and turn it on again.

I don't know what the issue is. I'm thinking it's the fans, which are pretty basic but I haven't found some one with an issue like this.