Question PC fans power on but monitor won't display anything ?

Apr 24, 2022
So about 2 days ago, I turned on my cyberpowerpc and i noticed it turned on and off 3 times before it booted into Windows. functioned as normal until the afternoon where I came back to my pc and it was still on, but had no display. First step I did was check the connections to my two monitors, both were normal and functioning. went to go to turn off my pc, but it would not turn off. only turned off when i pressed and held the power button for a while.

I've tried everything from clearing the CMOS to reseating every component and i still have the same issue. when I took out the ram however, i noticed they were warped, meaning that the pins were bent on the ram stick. I have not opened this pc since july of last year when i first got it.

another peculiar thing i noticed with the pc is that the motherboard has an LED indicator that flashes an amber orange color slowly every 4 seconds. This was like that since i first got the pc back in July and I thought nothing of it.

took my pc to best buy and they said they couldn't even open it despite having bought it from best buy. at this point I'm waiting for a response back from cyberpower so I can get this rma'd and over with. I'm fed up with all the troubleshooting steps I took and nothing seems to work.

Pc specs:
Msi OC gtx 1660 super
Asus prime b450m-a
crucial ballistix ram @ 3000mhz
ryzen 7 3700x
Vetroo V5 cooler
wd blue 500gb ssd
seagate 1tb hard drive
cyberpowerpc case
thermaltake 500w power supply non modular (the kind with the mustard and ketchup cables)


Retired Mod
Two things here. First of all you need a better power supply, almost certainly. That is probably half of your problem. What is the EXACT model of your Thermaltake 500w power supply? Look on the label on the side of the PSU. Every PSU has one with it's specifications including model listed there.

Secondly, the three restarts is the system having to re-train the memory configuration. This means that there has either been a change in the memory configuration such as when you move them, put different memory in or there is a problem for some reason with the memory configuration. The fact that you can visually see that there is physical issue with the memory tells me that it's pretty clear the latter reason is why on your system. Memory generally has a lifetime warranty, however, when you buy a prebuilt system most memory manufacturers do not extend that warranty to the buyer, so you will need to contact CyberpowerPC most likely, and if your system is no longer under warranty you are probably SOL.

You can try to contact Crucial and provide them with your purchase information from Cyberpower, but I wouldn't be too hopeful that they will honor the warranty since in reality you are a third party, not the original purchaser. This is another reason why buying from prebuilt system builders is a poor idea, but especially from Cyberpower and iBuypower, who are known for poor assembly quality and practices, and the use of lower grade parts. Sometimes even what is known in various industries as "seconds", meaning hardware, lumber, whatever, that can't be sold as standard merchandise and is sold "as is" at a lower price. Often in large lots.

You may simply need to purchase new memory and I would for SURE replace that power supply as any PSU with the mustard and ketchup cables these days is either really old or really, REALLY poor quality.