Question PC fans randomly speed up and PC loses connection to monitor?

Jun 18, 2020
Hi everyone. I'm having issues with my gaming PC. I have an ASRock b350m, an Asus gtx 1070, a ryzen 1600x CPU, and a EVGA 600w PSU. I've started noticing some weird things happening to my PC. Ive been playing insurgency sandstorm and occasionally my computer's fans would start running really fast and my monitor would lose signal to my computer. At first I just played it off as, dumb ole insurgency has bad optimization and my computer was overheating, so I just turned it off and left it for a few hours to cool down. Made sure to clean it often, too. Today however I was trying to play battlefield 4 and before I can even join a game the fans (on the PC not the monitor) start going really fast and I lose connection to my monitor again.

The PC wasn't even close to hot. The computer is still "on". It still has power and the fans still go nuts. With insurgency the Audio would still play but now with BF4 it glitches out. I fear my GPU is dying. It's been doing this for a long time and it's been happening more and more frequently as time goes on, but like I said I chalked it up to insurgency being hard on PCs and the summer coming around making it hotter (TBH I do usually only play insurgency sandstorm, it's a fun game). Anyways any help is appreciated even if it's breaking the bad news, really hope it's not my GPU because I've been saving to upgrade my CPU for soooo long. I've bee. Wanting to try different connections but I cant find my HDMI or VGI. I use display port right now. Anyways thanks for reading!

Edit: Just though I'd add that my GPU drivers are, in fact, up to date.

Edit 2: It randomly stopped losing connection for about 2 days and I thought whatever was wrong fixed itself... Until today when it started crashing (blue screening) randomly. I wasn't even in game or using the computer. I just had it on desktop. Will post crash report soon.

Edit 3: I'm not posting the crash report because I determined it to be freaking Razer synapse that was crashing my computer, therefore it is unrelated to the other issue. Can I just say how much I despise Razer synapse. Why didn't I get a different brand mouse?
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