Question Pc fans turn on put not signal on screen

Nov 26, 2020
Hello this is my first time building a pc im confused a little i think i made everything right but the pc fans turn on and everything but there is 2 problems the first being there is no signal on the screen but it receives some kind of it like when the pc is turned off there it says no signal but when i turned it on the no signal thing disappeared but nothing shows on the screen the second is my mouse and keyboard not giving lights when plugged like not getting any signal too although all the fans are spinning the mobo gpu are used but listed as know working and i really trust the seller but the ram is also used but no information about whether it's working or not but there is no signs of physical damage on it there is something i doubt in the first being something on the mobo called ps2_usb_pwr1 Which i think should have jumper on it but it doesn't is it a problem? The second being the mobo might need a bios clear but i don't know how to do it any help?

Note : the specs are gpu : evga sc gtx 950 / cpu: i5 2500k / mobo: asrock h61 / power supply fsp fortron 400w
Note 2 : i use 2 molex to 6 pin connector but i don't think its the problem