Question PC firsty had BIOS loop, now died

Feb 19, 2019
Heyy guyys, i am desperate and just trying to search for hope that doesn't exist. 2 hours ago my pc crashed, everything freezed with 1 click. Then i had a BIOS loop. After restarting the pc via the restart button (because the pc was frozen so i couldn't restart the normal way) it opened the msi click bios 5, after closing it, it opened again. After restarting: Opened again. Doesn't matter what i changed, it opened again, i just couldn't boot windows 10 pro. And 5 minutes ago i made a terrible mistake. After having tried every possible setting and variation i clicked 1 last thing which i haven't clicked yet, and this was the final click i made on the PC. I am a total PC noob, and i didn't know what could happen, so i clicked something where i could switch between AHIC and RAID. It was AHIC, and for my last option for this pc i switched to RAID. Now i get a blackscreen, nothing happens anymore. Did i now completely destroy it or is there any chance of getting the system back? I don't care about data loss, as my pc is 2 days old and nothing important is stored ln it yet. Is there a way to completely reset the PC? Or is there no chance anymore.

Jonas Taelman

Jul 19, 2015
So you mean i should put the hdd and ssd into another pc and switch it back there?
yes, but i think the most important one is the boot drive. Also, perform a CMOS-reset like Mandark says.

I think if you clear your CMOS by pulling the battery on the motherboard with the computer shut off of course, then put the battery back in after five minutes and power it back on and see if the boots
Remove the battery and push the powerbutton a few times, with the PSU turned off. So all the remanent electricity discharges. This way you won't have to wait.

To clarify: PSU off or computer unplugged when performing a CMOS-reset.
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