Question PC freeze, artifacts then BSOD ?

Oct 4, 2023
I have weird problem with my PC. My PC randomly crash and it only happens in idle such as browsing, youtube, opening folder, etc. I can run heavy benchmark, heavy gaming, and any demanding app no problem for hours, but as soon as there's no load, a minute later my PC will freeze and artifact then BSDO. To fix this i need to turn off my PC > pull cable from power outlet > wait for a minute, then turn my PC back on, and after that no more freeze and artifact for the rest of the day. This happens every 2-4 days? so random, but...

Last freeze and artifact happen on 8 SEPT 2023. I tried to blame it on my GPU then the blame shift to DP cable and thought that my DP cable have pin 20 wired (can cause problem). Then i changed it to HDMI, after that i'm problem free for 3 weeks... but then yesterday, on 2 OCT 2023, freeze and artifact came back. I thought DP cable really the culprit, but the problem occur with HDMI cable too after 3 weeks. I'm so loss with this... i really appreciate for your help and input here, any information and idea are welcome.

The artifact: artifact screenshot

I upload my DUMP file if someone can help me:
^ WinDbg showed that amdkmdag.sys (DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION) is the problem

WhoCrashed showed that amdppm.sys (DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION) is the problem:
WhoCrashed screenshot

bluscreenviewer showed that ntoskrnl.exe is the problem:
blueviewer screenshot

Thank you, and sorry for the long post.

PS:My Spec:
Ryzen 5 7600 (default, no PBO / OC)
RX 6700 XT (default) driver 23.9.1 (already tried 23.5.2, 23.8.1, 23.8.2 before 23.9.1)
2x16gb ddr5 ram (no EXPO, default 4800mhz)
B650M PG Riptide bios 1.24
MSI MPG A850GF 80+ Gold
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