Question PC freeze-crashing with horrible buzzing sound - hardware replacement

Aug 31, 2020
Hello everyone,

this is my very first time posting in this forum, so I hope I'm doing everything right.
Let me first explain my problem:
I recently changed the motherboard and CPU of my PC and added a PCI WiFi card.
Since then, I have experienced rare crashes (every 10 hours or so) of my system where, instead of getting a BSOD, Windows freezes up completely and blasts the loudspeakers or headphones with a horrible loud buzzing/glitch sound. When that happens all I can do is press the power button and restart the machine (I have tried waiting but nothing happens except that I probably damage my speakers)

Here's what troubleshooting/solutions I already tried (and found no problems/and the issues persisted):
  • Search Event Manager for any out-of-the-ordinary log messages
  • Monitored all temperatures under load
  • Reinstalled Windows from scratch
  • Checked health of all drives
  • Ran extensive CPU and GPU stresstests and deep memtests
  • Moved my WiFi card to another PCI slot
I am not asking for help to magially "solve" this issue.
I came here because I'm looking for advice if there's anything else I could try, but most importantly how I should go with replacing components one part at a time.
Which one should I test replacing first?
Should I buy the same component again or a different one?

Below find my specs:
  • Z390-A Pro
  • 1080TI FE
  • i7-9700k
  • 16GB
  • 1500W power supply
  • Crucial CT256MX100 as main drive
In a couple of days I will get LAN connection so the WiFi card will get thrown out, but I'm not even sure if it's one of the new components, as I had to effectively dis- and reassemble the entire PC - maybe I damaged a component?

Thanks for the help and best regards!
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