Question PC Freeze/No Display


Nov 12, 2015
So I have 2 PCs one seems to be having issues, sometimes it just freezes up while using then if I shut it down by holding power button and try to boot it up there's no display first it felt like a GPU problem but I've been using that GPU (MSI Gaming X RX 470 4GB) on a difference PC without any issues from 2017. The system that is currently having this problem has a troubled RAM I think its GSkill Aegis 8GB which has caused issues like CPU fan spinning so fast and no display before this "Freeze" issue occurred. So could this be a sign of my GPU dying or what? Its not that old GPU and I have never even used it for gaming continuously for more than 2 hours cause I can't play longer than that (I get bored)

Yesterday this happened again, the PC just froze up while my brother was playing Valorant on it so he turned it off from Power button and again there was no display after he tried to power it up again, the RGBs on casing, CPU cooler acted like they do normally then I saw the power cable to PSU was a little loose so I plugged it in properly then PC boot up just fine.

One other thing, when the PC doesn't give display I once tried to plug display cable in motherboard and it showed display (intel hd display).

So what could this be?