Question PC Freeze Only When Stress Test

Dec 21, 2022
Hi, this problem has been bugging me out since 2 months ago. So basically my PC freeze when I do stress test using OCCT , Furmark and AMD Adrenaline Software (always around 2-5 seconds into the benchmark).
I've been playing AAA games such as GOW and The Witcher 3 without any issue. But i'm experiencing similar freeze when playing Valorant and Spiderman Remastered, i'm convinced this is because of the same issue with the stress test.
When it happens, the pc won't receive any input and won't give me any sound of the game, it's just freezing and i had to force restart my pc and sometimes it will fail to boot into system and i have to force restart it again.

I've been doing theese troubleshooting and found no solution to my problem:
  1. Uninstall driver and doing DDU.
  2. Reinstall windows.
  3. Installing different AMD driver version.
  4. Disabling XMP Profile.
Any solution will help me a lot.

My systems are :
CPU : i3-12100F
Mobo : Asrock B660M ITX
RAM : Apacer Nox 3200 XMP Enabled
GPU : XFX QICK 319 RX 6700 XT
Ssd : Samsung 980
PSU : NZXT C650 650w 80+ Bronze
Display : 1440p 165hz

Thank you so much for your help.
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Sounds like a heat issue.
What is the make/model of your case and what is the fan arrangement?
I presume you are using the stock cooler.
Run hwmonitor. It will give you the current, minimum temperatures for each core.
If you see 100c. in red as a max on any core it has throttled.
A bit is ok so long as it recovers.
When gaming, only a couple of cores are stressed.
A benchmark will load all cores, generating lots of heat.
And some benchmarks will use AVX instructions which are 3x heavier.

I think your solution will be to beef up the front intake fans to get more cooling air into the system.

There may be an AVX offset setting in the bios that can reduce the multiplier when AVX code is running.