Pc freeze qhen i try to install some games


Dec 3, 2010
Hi, i having some problems when i try to isntall some games on my laptop, like a.v.a, Raiderz (BETA) and firefall (BETA),

tech specs:

core i5 2430
4gb ram 1333
hdd 500gb 5400rpm seagate
nvidia gt555m 1gb ddr5
win 7 64 bits

software installed:
avast free antivirus
zone alarm antivirus + firewall

when i try to install raiderz, the game never starts to install and freezes the laptop, then i have to reboot, with a.v.a the game starts, but it freezes in the middle of installation, and with firefall the game says error 404 try again.

where is the problem, other games like games of steam, gears of war, crysis 2 (non steam), doesnt have problems while trying to install

is something related with the firewall, admin settings or something like that?? i have tryed everything, turning off the firewall, run as administrator, and many other things like changing the paging memory size. but nothing happens!!

i have installed the same games, with the same installers, in other pcs, and works perfectly, but not in my laptop!
i have updated everything!!
can you help me please??

thanks and sorry for the spelling mistakes


Oct 29, 2012
Can you post the EXACT error message (copied out or screenshot)? Also, running two anti-virus solutions is never wise. It always ends with bad results. Uninstall both of them, clean up the left over "residue", then reinstall one of them. Two AV systems generally compete against each other (not literally, but damn close) and end up DESTROYING your performance and (in some rare cases) let things slip past.