Question PC freeze randomly while gaming

Aug 8, 2018
Computer is freezing at random times while gaming. Doesn't make any weird noises when this happens. Sometimes it takes a few games, sometimes after a couple of hours or sometimes it doesn't even freeze up at all. VERY RANDOM!! Pressing the windows key and/or ctrl+alt+del doesn't work. The keyboard is usually frozen as well. Even the RGB on the keyboard freezes. I have to power off using the case button. Boots back up with no issues.

Example 1, after my second game in Overwatch the game froze but I could still move and see the mouse cursor. Also, the in-game music is still going on when this happens.

Example 2, while playing Shadow of the Tombraider using XBOX controller, the game doesn't freeze but the controller is unresponsive. The character is still moving on its own though walking in same direction that it was last until she falls off a cliff.. Music shuts off, keyboard and mouse is also unresponsive.

Other Games: Apex Legends and Sekiro.

Temps: GPU 68C and CPU 55C the last time this occurred. MSI Afterburner in-game display

MOBO: Asus ROG Strix X470
CPU: Ryzen 2600X (boosted to 3.9 ghz using motherboard's booster)
GPU: MSI 1070Ti Titanium(boosted +100 using MSI afterburner)
PSU: Evga 750W Gold
Ram: 2x8gb G Skill Trident Z RGB
Cool: NZXT Kraken 61
Mon: LG UE590 28"
KB: Razer Blackwidow
Mse: Logitech G502

Please let me know if I missed any other useful info. Thanks in advance.


Which BIOS version are you on for your X470 motherboard? You might want to see if you have any updates pending. On another note, what's the model for your G.Skill ram kit? Where did you source the games from?