Question PC freeze to black screen when turn on and cant turn off afterwards

May 23, 2020
one day i was playing far cry 4 on my ryzen 3 2200g xfx rx570 8gb 3000mhz 2x4 ram pc and it just froze, no keystroke or this or that responded so i turned off the computer by holding the power button, i tried turning it on but everytime it froze at the blue windows logo, so i formatted my pny 120gb ssd and installed windows on a usb to redownload windows 10, didnt work. It froze to a black screen right after i turned the pc on. i flashed the bios when i still could, at 100% it restarteed and stayed at a black screen, nothing worked. i tried breadboarding also but to no avail. So now im stuck, i turn on the pc and it just freezes, no image or anything on the monitor, just a solid black screen. i cant load into bios, my keyboard and mouse dont work but the lights are on. help me or i smash my pc, i already tried resetting my f*cking cmos, i cant turn the pc off by holding the power butto, it just blinks after holding it for 3 seconds, also important to note there is also no led shining that shows that the ssd is being red, at the moment i installed the windows installer on the ssd so its forced to open but doenst work, ive also tried from usb. i also replaced the psu with another one (at tbhe bottom of the post in in the parts list) i also used the wintousb program to preinstall windows to my 1tb hard drive and removed all other drives so it would be forced to launch from that one but it didnt work, maybe i should try to do the same but on a different drive (a 120g ssd)? pls pls i beg you help me or i smash my pc.
just tell me what component(s) is bad so i can get a replacement

gigabyte b450m s2h
ryzen 3 2200g
rx 570 4gb
2x4gb vengeance ram 3000mhz
coolermaster masterwatt lite 400w
tagan 480w (the replacement psu)
1tb toshiba hdd (taken from ps4 and formatted it and ya dee ya da da)
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