[SOLVED] PC Freezes 10-15 seconds after closing a game ?

Jun 2, 2021
I am having an issue where my PC freezes after closing a game, specifically FiveM which is an online modification for GTA V online with mods, so I'll just refer to it as GTA for right now. When I exit out of the game my PC goes through a weird cycle. Firstly, my audio goes choppy, Secondly, my screen becomes delayed, then starts to lag. My cursor starts to lag, then freezes after some seconds. Now I am left with a laggy screen and can't move my mouse, after a couple of seconds of staring at my helpless system, it freezes fully, forcing me to forcefully reboot it by holding the power button until it turns off. It does this after closing GTA V every time and has not happened before, it started a week ago. I updated my drivers, updated to Windows 11, and repaired corrupted files, and no fix. I had an issue where GTAV would close but resolved it by adding more Virtual RAM.

CPU: Intel i3-9100F
GPU: Geforce GTX 1650
Motherboard: ASRock H310CM-HDV


What BIOS version are you on for your motherboard? You forgot to mention the make and model of your ram, PSU as well as the storage used on the platform. pertaining to your OS, where did you source the installer for Windows 11? If you upgraded from Windows 10 to 11, might want to look into reinstalling the OS afresh after recreating the installer with Windows Media Creation Tools to rule out a corrupt installer.

Please include the age of the PSU apart from it's make and model.

Pertaining to drivers, you're advised to source all relevant drivers from motherboard and GPU manufacturer's support site, then manually installing said drivers in an elevated command, i.e, Right click installer>Run as Administrator. For GPU, you should work with DDU to remove all traces of GPU drivers and then in Safe Mode install said GPU driver in an elevated command.