Question Pc freezes a lot

Jan 20, 2020
Hey guys, hope someone will help me. My pc gets stuck a lot, mostly when playing gta v. The process normally starts from a huge FPS drop, after I Normally see some things on the screen similar to gpu artifacts, and a sound of an error, and after it is just stuck. If it manages to freeze out in some time , there is just a pointer and normally a black or dark blue screen, if I had some other app opened it is also there, unresponsive.
I would understand if I would have it with an intel 2 duo, but my pc had an i9 9900k, 32gb of ram and an RTX 2080S.
Here is a full list of my pc specs:
ntel core i9 9900k
Aorus RTX 2080S ( vertically positioned )
HyperX Predator Rgb 32gb 3200mhz ram
Aorus z390 Master
Corsair Ax860i Psu
Samsung 860 evo 256gb ssd
Intel optane 2tb ssd
Nzxt kraken x52 aio
Thermaltake Level 20mt argb case
And loads of extra fans and e.g
Jan 20, 2020
Hey Guys! I really hope someone who is good with tech can help me. My pc freezes a lot, mainly after putting my password, can happen during a gameplay. The temperatures are fine. I re- installed windows few times, nothing helps.The Pc doesn’t even respond to the turn off/on button.
Here are my specs if they are needed:
CPU:i9 9900k
MB: Z390 Aorus Master
Gpu: Aorus RTX 2070 ( Verticality positioned , using cablemod pci-e vertical mount)
Ram: 32gb HyperX Predator Rgb 3200mhz
Psu: Corsair Ax860i
Ssd(s): Samsung 860 evo 256gb, intel optane 2tb , Samsung 970 evo 256gb- Windows one
CPU cooling: Nzxt kraken x52
Case: Thermaltake Level 20MT ARGB
Fans: 6x Thermaltake pure 12 tt premium Argb fans
2x Deepcool Cf120 Argb fans
Extra: Rgb strip , 3 rgb controllers