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Question Pc freezes after 2-3 mins, then restarts

Jun 14, 2020
Hello, I recently upgraded my power supply to the Corsair Cv550 about 1.5 months ago. It was working great in my rig (i7 4770,Asus rx 480 4gb, 16 gb ddr3, adata 256gb 2.5 in ssd, 500 gb seagate hdd) until a power outage hit around 3 weeks ago. when the power came back, I turned on my pc and it booted straight into windows and then after about 2 minutes of being in the os it froze and I couldn't use my mouse and shortly after, it restarted. I changed the surge protector, and the outlet. same thing still happened. I was able to see the event viewer and it game me the critical warning KERNEL POWER 41 (63). I know this is usually a power issue but just keep reading. I've had this issue before which is the reason why I bought a new psu. So I know that could be the issue but Im not sure. This is the part that confuses me. I cleared the CMOS of my mobo since I know sometimes a scrambled battery can cause issues. I turned on the computer and it worked like it used to. I even ran Cinebench R20 and Unigine heaven. Then, a couple days later, the problem persists. I turn on my pc and I go into windows and it freezes and restarts after 2 minutes. I want to know if this could be and issue with my ssd, windows itself, my gpu, or my psu? I am frustrated at this point. Please help. thank you.