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Question PC Freezes after new W10 Install


Aug 13, 2016
I'm trying to upgrade my SSD from a 250gb WD Blue to a 1TB Samsung 860. I can't clone the drive since the C:/ Partition is trapped in between 2 other partitions. So I'm trying to do a clean install on the 860. The issue is it freezes and just sits there with the screen of when it froze, I have to manually change it. It's important to note my system runs fine on my other SSD with my original W10

Specs: MSI GTX1070, Ryzen 5 1600, MSI b350 Tomahawk, EVGA 750w G3.

I've tried swapping out the GTX1070 for a GTX750 and it still happens but not as often?

I'm currently trying to update windows to the newest patch to see if that'll fix it but now the download is hanging at 0% since it's crashing mid update.

EDIT 1: I get CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT bsod sometimes and in Event Viewer it logs it as Kernel Power. Going to try safe mode and see what happens
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