Question PC freezes and BSOD when trying to use 2 x RX 580 cards ?

Feb 19, 2021
My problem briefly:

I bought used PC with two rx 580 8gb GPU, windows 10 detect 2 GPUs but blue screen when trying to use one them for mining?
When connecting 2 GPUs PC working but it freeze when using GPUs
When connecting GPUs separately one of them work normally but with second one PC never boot (I tried changing pci slot and power cable same result).

After two days trying to diagnose PC i found that:
1-When both GPU connected i can only install crimson blockchain driver, other driver freeze when installing (sometimes install complete but windows 10 never boot until removinh drivers in safe mode)
2-After installing crimson blockchain driver system detect both GPUs but miners not working and exit without error code(for example phoenix miner startreciving jobs but exit before generating DAG file)

After testing each card separately I found that :
One card working normal and i can mine with it
With the second card i can't boot windows (MACHINE CHECK EXCEPTION)
-CPU: intel core i-7100
-Motheboard: Asus PRIME b250-PLUS (bios Ver. 0608)
-GPU: RX 580 8gb
-I'm connecting Screen to motherboard not to GPU
-GPU fans spin on boot

PS: Previous owner told me that both GPUs where working fine and he send PC to me with shipping company and when I recived it CPU fan where detached and thermal paste dried up so i had to replace it.

Does anybody had same issue and what could be the problem ?