Question PC freezes completely (actions + display) after monitor switch or sometimes in video game

Jul 29, 2019
Hey, so a few months ago I bought a new GPU, a Radeon RX 570 Expedition 4GB OC.
However I'm currently having issues with my computer sometimes freezing completely, both in display and action (I can't for example shut down the computer with a shortcut), however voicechat for example still works.
This started when I switched my second monitor to my TV to watch something. I'd then replug it and sometimes have that freeze. I then realized, that unplugging and plugging in your second monitor while the other one is on, is probably not that smart of an idea. So now I turn all my monitors completely off before switching them. However, sometimes when I turn them back on the display isn't found, again with actions also being frozen. Now this also started to happen sometimes when I play a video game.

I'm a bit at a loss what could be the cause, the temperature is completely fine. After restarting the PC theres usually a "Radeon Wattman reset settings due to unexpected failures" message.