Question PC freezes completely, won’t start up after


May 2, 2020

Since friday I have been running into a problem with my computer. It completely freezes, keyboard and mouse disconnect and the sound goes off. CTRL+alt+delete won’t work so I am willing to turn the pc off using the on/off button.

When I try to turn it back on again, nothing happens: screens stay black, keyboard and mouse stay off but the light on my on/off button on my pc goes on. After some time with the pc off he does go on again but then it happens again.

The first time it happened was during playing Overwatch. Today it happened again while having the game running on the background while putting Spotify on.

I have this pc for some years already, only 2 years ago I got a new gpu with a new psu…which was running with 0 problems and nothing else changed in the meantime. So this problem randomly happened.

I have honestly no idea what the cause can be, maybe overheating? maybe something with the PSU? But i’ve never had any problems with overheats in the past. I did check the temperatures once which was fine at the moment, although the pc was only on for 15 minutes.

My specs are:
MB: H77H2-EM
GPU: MSI GTX 970 gaming 4gb
CPU: i7 3770
PSU: Corsair RM650
RAM: 3x 4gb
1 cpu fan, 2 gpu fans and 1 psu fan.

I hope somebody can help me, give advice or something. Thanks in advance
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