Question PC freezes during gaming


May 12, 2019
Hi all,

I have another irritating problem now. For some time my PC is freezing during gaming. It usually looks like that: I play a game, suddenly game is freezes, for few seconds i am able to alt+tab to windows, but i can not open any program, even the task manager. Only cursor is moving on the screen. Just after that, system freezes completly and is unresponsive. And i need to hard reset it. I observe that problem in such games as Borderlands 3, CoD Warzone. It did not occure in TF2, F1 2020, or other rather light games. Before last freeze, during CoD session i noticed some minor stuttering in game, and few warning icons on tle left side of the screen, but they are related to packet loss and ping, weird as i never experience those errors/warnings.

Thing to notice is also that, this problem occures earlier in past, when i bought new MOBO - MSI Tomahawk Z390. Back then i was monitoring my gaming PC with HWInfo connected to laptop, where i has displayed some statistics related to system usage. But problem was gone by itself. I correlated it with me stopping using HWInfo for that kind of monitoring. But now i think it was just coincidence.

So, no BSOD, no erros. i checked system event logger. And i can see there many warnings regarding "disk0" whih i understand is my disk "C:"? Yes?
I checked taht disk with HDDtune and it show me nothing, disk seems to be ok. But that is some old SSD by GOODRAM, i dont know whih line of disk it is, every program only displays manufacturers name.

What else should i monitor? I dont know how to try to solve this. There`s no bsods, so no indications to cause. Only thing that comes to my mind is system disk. But before i buy new one i need to be sure that this is it. GPU temepratures appears to be good, according to battlenet overlay in game it is around 64-65 celcius degree. In april i performed RAM test by memtest and both sticks passes it.

System is up to date, gpu drivers also - but problem occures on different versions of drivers, no matter if they are new, or old. Nex things i plna to do is check if there is new bios update, and i will try to monitor PC by HWInfo as i id some time ago.

Any ideas what to do?

Few screens from system event logger, and dxdiag file: (Link to folder with them)