Question PC Freezes for a few seconds while gaming, randomly

Gen Jack Oneil

Sep 29, 2016
PC Specs:
AMD Ryzen 1800x
EVGA Nvidia 1080TI FTW3
32GB Corsair Vengeance (3000mgz)
ASUS Prime X470-Pro
EVGA Supernova Gold 850W+ Power Supply
2 SSD ( 250 GB and 1 TB ) ( Running Windows 10 )
2 - 2 TB 7200 RPM Hard Drive

So for the past 3 ish weeks, my pc has been freezing for 1 - 4 seconds randomly. I have pretty much only played Destiny 2, War Thunder and World of Warships recently. And the freezing has only happened on WT and WoW. Ive never seen it happen in D2, yet. I do normally play games with discord running and chrome open with usually about 10 tabs open on my second monitor. I did try playing WT and WoW without either of them running, and the freezing seems to have stopped, or were so small i didnt notice it. But as soon as i opened discord or chrome, the freezes started happening again.
I did try update my gpu drivers and doesnt seem to have helped. When it freezes, my gpu drops to 0% usage. Power, VID and FB all drop in usage too.
Heres a screenshot of msi afterburner of when it happens:

I havent changed anything parts wise since January when i replaced my power supply. I do clean it regularly (my case has dust filters). Windows has done some updates recently so im wondering if thats got something to do with it.
Besides updating gpu drivers, ive updated Bios, Chipset drivers, audio drivers, and usb drivers.
It seems to have helped, but the freezing is still happening.
So, what do you guys think the problem is, and what do you recommend i do to fix it?
Please let me know if you need anymore info, ill be glad to provide.
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