Question PC freezes from time to time (a lot of information provided).


Aug 11, 2013

I searched a lot in the whole internet and did not found much to help me. It seems that there are million different problems that are similar to mine. My hardware information will be provided in the end of the post.
Its a nice gaming rig but this problem started to happens 8 months after i had bought it. The whole pc is one year old.

I already discovered many things, i think these will be very useful:
  • I use this pc about 17 hours per day, 90% of the time that it happens, i am not in the pc (this is the most weird thing)
  • I think that i have useful information in my windows event viewer. I just cant use it very well, i can provide whatever is necessary in case of need
  • When it starts to slow, its a bit fast, opened windows starts to be unresponsive, sounds still plays for some time, everything starts to freeze after a few seconds. CTRL + ALT + DEL will open but cant do anything there
  • Any window that i swap, there will be a "rest of the previous window" on my screen, after changing between several opened windows, the screen will be a mess with several parts of the older windows spread in the whole screen
  • Its very rare to me, to "close" any opened windows (games, applications, web browser) once it happens ( i lose a lot of game caches on their launchers)
  • I can be fast enough to restart the PC, but once it starts to "shutdown" the windows, it will be there forever, it will never restart or shutdown
  • My ram or any of my SSD's does not to seems to be under pressure when it happens. No high temperatures on my CPU, GPU or SSD's (huge chances of being able to play the whole day without any problems even under hot days)
  • I running a lot of python scripts, pulling information from an API source. I did a lot of tests and the pc will freeze 100% of the time that i am running them, this happens around every 6 hours.
    • I could do this before without freeze, for several days without any problem
    • I am using the same scripts in a weak notebook without any problem.
    • There is no massive ram/cpu usage
    • I think it might be related to saving the output as .csv, but i am not very sure yet
    • The output is being written in a different SSD from my OS partition
    • Both SSD's are under very low usage
    • This problem also happened when i was not pulling information but in a much smaller frequency
    • I can provide the scripts if necessary.
  • I bought a new M2 and it already crashed several times in this new windows installation
  • In most of the freezes, when i came back, i click, the screen and it is almost ok, then i changed the window, it started to "run fast in time", like it was frozen in the past, it was literally running, even inside my games, browser and excel. It then "reached the present" and froze 100%. I think this is a good evidence about what is going on
  • My windows is configured to maximum performance, it wont sleep or hibernate (i just set to Off the "allow hybrid sleep"), it is not configured to shutdown the display, HD's or SSD's
    • Yesterday, i had to reset it because displays were set to shut down after 60 mins, when i came back, i could hear everything but even clicking or doing anything, nothing would bring the video to my screens. Because of this, i set to never shut down my screens again
  • My record without any problems was around 9 days, then it happened. Reseted the pc (through the button, as always), logged in then it just happened again without anything being open at the time
  • It seems that if i leave my pc alone, it will freeze, if i block it and leave it working, it wont freeze (MUCH smaller chances)
  • Print after 7 hours of memtest, no problems found: View:
  • Will start another run right now
There might be more things that i dont remember right now, but i think we have good evidences there already.
My pc is this, nothing is overclocked (memories might be "underclocked" because of their very small differences, to match themselves)
  • AMD Ryzen 3900X (CPU is at 60º most of the time)
  • Motherboard Gigabyte X570 Gaming X, stock bios
  • GTX EVGA 1080 (GPU bounces between 55º and 90º [if i am playing])
  • 64gb ram - Spread between 4 sticks of 16gb each, all of them are 3466mhz HyperX
  • Windows 10 Pro 64bit OS BUILD 19042.1052
    • Installed in a samsung evo m.2 980 500gb (will bounce between 47º and 60º)
    • Older windows 10 installation was in a samsung evo 860 500gb (had the same problem)
  • Power supply Corsair 650W 80 Plus White VS650 - CP - 9020172
  • Water Cooler Corsair H60
  • Nvidia driver version 466.63, driver type DCH
    • video bios version 86.04.3B.00.80
    • Bus PCI Express x16 Gen3
I was resisting for several months before posting this here. I searched a lot, i have no idea what is causing this. There are a lot of people with the same problem that i have, i just dont know what is going on.

I really need your help. My experience is ruined, i have absolute no thrust using this pc.

Thank you very much!
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How old is that Corsair 650W PSU?

Look in Reliability History for other errors and problems that may be being captured. The timeline format can be very helpful.

In the 8 months time has the system been cleaned and maintained?


Power down, unplug, open the case.

Clean out dust and debris.

Verify by sight and feel that all connectors, cards, RAM, and jumpers are fully and firmly in place.

Inspect all wires and components for signs of damage. bare conductor showing, kinks/pinches, melted insulation, discoloration, swelling..

Use a bright flashlight and magnifying glass to thoroughly check everything.

For the most part, as I understand your description, you are running the PC in a manner that is very demanding on system resources.

Although the system may be and should be able to do so that is not always the case. There are all too many variables and circumstances that can certainly conflict and problems occur.

Take a look in Resource Monitor and Task Manager (use just one at a time) to observe your system's performance. What resources are being used.

To what extent (%) are those resources being used. What is using any given resource.

Running at "max" may be doable and such capabilities are often greatly touted by manufacturers. However, what is left out is that there are limits to doing so.

Even a marathon runner in top shape can only run so many marathons. Going beyond some limit (known or unknown) is likely to end badly.


Aug 11, 2013
Thank you Ralston!

Updated the topic with more information about how old my pcis. The whole pc is one year old (actually, 13 months old).

Everything is very fine inside my pc, by looking at it. Do you think its a hardware problem?

I am not very sure, it seems to me that its a software problem, by looking at all those patterns.

This PC is very, very, very rare took even close to its limits. 99% of the time, i am running it at a small fraction of its whole capacity.