Question PC freezes, monitor goes black and GPU fans go up to 100% while playing GPU intensive games ?

Apr 19, 2022

Recently, in the past month or two, I've started encountering this issue, where I'm playing a GPU intensive game (e.g. Planetside 2), and after a while, it varies, but around 15 minutes to 60 minutes,
my screen goes black, GPU fans speed up to 100%, and I have to turn off the PC with the power button, because nothing else works.

I'm using my GPU to mine BTC when not gaming, been doing this for around 1 year, and I always keep temperatures at a reasonable level,
usually 62 - 65 degrees celsius, "hotspot" (nicehash has this reading, probably the VRAM) around 83 degrees celsius max.
Mining has never caused this problem.

I've read a lot of posts and threads about this on different forums, so I've tried a few things already, nothing has worked so far:

  • I repasted the GPU core with Arctic MX-5
  • I changed the thermal pads with Arctic TP-2
  • I tried 3 different drivers, newest one, and two older ones, used DDU to clean install
  • Plugged out and then reconnected the PSU cables, just in case
I also used 3DMark, around loop 2-3 in a stress test, it always does the same: screen goes black, fans speed up.
I used GPU-Z to monitor the temperatures, and they don't seem to be an issue, at the time of this freezing, the GPU temp was 63.6, and the hottest spot was 76 degrees celsius.

For experimentation, I tested my GPU with my friend's PC, his config is similar, he has something like a 12 core AMD CPU, 64 GB RAM, same PSU but more watts, some OS.
Same results, his PC went black and fans speeding up with 3DMark, same stress test. After that, we tested his PC with his old GTX 1070, no problems at all with that.

Interestingly, when I manually downclock my GPU core and memory with something like -500/-500, and set the power limit to 80%,
I can play Elden Ring without problems, but without downclocking, Elden Ring also causes this same black screen stuff.

OS: Windows 10 Pro
GPU: RTX 2080 PALIT GameRock
CPU: i7-9700K
RAM: 16GB DDR4 3200MHz

  • Display goes dark and GPU speeds to max when taxing GPU to max with games/3DMark
  • Temps are fine
  • GPU fans seems to be fine
  • Mining is not problematic
  • Same problem with 2 different PCs, only the GPU is the same
I'm ready to pull the trigger and buy an RTX 3070 TI, and keep this card for mining.

What do you think? Any suggestions?