Question PC freezes on Asus logo, need to resett to get it working

Nov 16, 2020

I recently bought a new PC (3 days ago) but kept my old SSD which already had windows installed on it. I made sure to uninstall all the other drivers from the previous build but for some reason, every time I try to boot my PC for the first time of the day, the screen gets stuck on ASUS, and nothing happens until I press the reset button on my case, then it continues to show the Asus screen sometimes, sometimes I get the small "loading" dotted circle below the Asus logo and it starts to boot, but it takes a very long time, even when windows starts loading, I keep getting the "wait" message from windows for a minute more or two.

This only happens the first time each day I turn on my computer, sometimes I have to go to the BIOS and select the boot device for it to actually load. Also, this particular motherboard has an orange light that supposedly I can disable from the BIOS (Aura on/off), however, most of the time when I try selecting OFF and then try to Save and Exit, I get a message saying that "You didn't make any changes", sometimes it registers the change, sometimes it doesn't, but the light never turns off, no matter if it's ON or OFF on the bios. I was reading it could be a problem with the small battery on the motherboard, but I don't want to try anything without asking first.

I also tried yesterday to boot it without plugging anything but the PSU and the monitor and it loaded faster, so I thought that was the problem. However, today I replaced my PSU and tried to boot it again with nothing else but the PSU and monitor, and I got the same ASUS logo freeze until I had to reset it, enter the bios, select the boot device and then it finally loaded.

Due to dangerous protests erupting in my city, the store where I bought the PC is closed as it is too close to the danger zone and I'm worried this might be a problem that can worsen. If any of you can give me some advise, I'll try to fix it myself, please

My build is as follows:

Ryzen 5 3400G
Asus B450M - A
HyperX 16 GB (2x8) 3200 RAM
I have 2 SSDs, one Kingston sata SSD 120 GB and an addlink M.2 PCIe 250 GB SSD, windows is installed on the Kingston drive
1 WD Purple 6 TB HDD
Corsair CV650w 80+ Bronze PSU


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

The CV unit is something I'd never invest on but it should get the job done unless you want to drop in a discrete GPU in the system. You might also want to see which BIOS version you're currently on for your motherboard. If you're up to speed what the settings inside the BIOS are as of this writing, I'd advise removing the CMOS battery from the system(while the system is powered down and disconnected from the wall when doing so) to reset the board. Also, with the battery out, leave it like that for at least 30 minutes.