Question PC freezes on BIOS splash with gpu plugged in

Jan 17, 2021
After my windows ran an update yesterday ,my PC freezes on the BIOS splash as long as my gpu is plugged into the power supply (as in,i can hammer del all i want,it does not react).
We have swapped out the cmos battery ,as my old one had turned out to be empty,afterwards the screen remained black a first,until i unplugged the power from my gpu and plugged my monitor into the mobo one,since the battery change reset bios stuff aswell i went and readjusted stuff as needed,graphic slot choice was already set to PCIe x16 slot,so i left it at that.
Booted into windows,shut the pc down from there,plugged my gpu back in.And thats when i arrived back at the freeze.(also gave the gpu some gentle pushes into the slot direction to make sure its still in properly)
The one thing that did stick out to me prior to the update is that,while i was watching a twitch stream ,it would frequently buffer briefly,which definitely seemed to be a problem solely on my end.
I am thinking that its probably just my gpu unfortunately having given up on me,I´ve had it in this pc for about 3 years now,but i want to make sure that i might not just be forgetting something,
Ive ruled a harddrive problem out as the problem persisted when i did that.

Specs are:
Mobo: M5A78l-m/USB3
PSU:BeQuiet 530W
GPU:Nvidia GTX 750 Ti
CPU: AMD FX-6100

If any other ones are required for this particular problem,I´ll be glad to provide them.

Edit:As of this morning I have attempted to install the newest nvidia driver after changing the main gpu to the onboard chip for it,changed the main gpu back to the card after that,and the problem still persists.
Hardware manager DOES show the gpu.
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