Jan 24, 2020
Hello guys i need your expertise

My pc freezes randomly. Sometimes even at bios load, after 30 minutes or three days. No bsod or minidump file after crashing. Keyboard, mouse and sound stop at the same time. No any beep sound from any component. All temps are fine when crashing,gpu and cpu below 30c. No 100% disk usage. It happens when I'm gaming, sometimes afk. Manual reboot is only solution but sometimes system won't load, components still running but no display (black screen) I have to disconnect power supply and wait couple hours to boot again.
Already format and installed windows 10. Replace gpu, ram sticks and change ram slots. Reset cmos, jumper and replaced battery. Tried two different ssd and hdd with clean w10 installation. Freezes still happening.
All drivers are updated. Firmwares. Bios up to date. Check every cables. All good. No overclock. No virus threat.

Only have one bsod in the past with another SO. Didnt check the dump file. PC is around three years old.
Couple days ago I read something like kernel power error from event log visor, about an unexpected reboot without a clean system turn off. Didn't quite understand.
I'd. Like to know if this is a damaged mother board or a psu failure. If a replacement is solution.
AMD FX 8370 4.0ghz stock fan
NVIDIA gtx950 stryx
1x8gb ram 1866mhz ballystix
Sdd adata 120gb
Hdd Samsung 350gb
Psu evga 750w bronze supernova
Mobo Asus m5a97 le 2.0
Regular case and fans.
Windows 10 pro licensed.

Pc is connected to a power strip.
Thank you all. Good day
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