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Question PC freezes randomly, pretty weirdly

Jun 13, 2020
Hello, my PC freezed several times today, something that haven't happened for a long time now.
First time it was running for 2 hours or so, I was only watching videos checking emails or idling, so it was on low load the whole time. When it froze, it didn't shut down, it just froze, the cursor wouldn't move and the system didn't react to any key combinations. I pressed the power button and it shut down instantly. I restarted right after, it went through POST and all, when the Windows was loading it froze again the same way. I pressed the power button again, it shut down instantly again. I decided to grab something to eat and look at it again half our later. That time it booted without any problem. I was looking at Windows event logs but it didn't help with anything. I decided to watch more videos and do some things online to see if it would happen again or it was a one time thing, it was obviously not because I'm here. After like 1-2 hours I was loading up GTA V to check on something ingame, and the PC crashed after like 5 minutes. This time it wasn't a freeze, it shut down completely. What was special about this shutdown is that after the PC shut down, it powered itself on every 5 second for a second and down shut down. On the monitor I didn't see anything, because that one second of powering up is not enough to show anything in normal conditions anyways, but I head the fans powering on and the power button's LED lighting up for a second. I haven't seen anything like this before. To break that 5 second sequence I pressed the power button, and the PC booted without a problem.
Since then I tried to test the RAMs, those are fine. The PSU is less than a year old, and it's a good one, so I don't think it's PSU problem, but I can't rule that out yet. I tested the hard drive and it's also fine. The CPU and mobo are relatively old, more than 4 years, but not really sure because I bought it from a friend almost a year ago. The VGA is around 2-2.5 years old.
I had my fair share of problems before, but this is a tough one. What could cause this random freezes and shutdowns at the same time, considering that it happened on both high load and low load and on windows loading screen.
I read that it could be shorts in the case, which might make sense because I don't have the IO shield right now, but at the same time, it's been a month since I opened the PC case, and it all started today. Another thing to note is that my Windows updated yesterday when I shut it down, or the night before, I can't remember.
I will shortly try stress tests to see if something is overheating or fails.
A problem that I had over a half year ago, and probably not very relevant, is that one of my USB port is tricky. When you unplug an USB out of that one port the PC shuts down instantly. But I don't use that port anymore, and nothing touches it. And again, if my problem would be shortage it wouldn't start now randomly, several times a day after being nice for over half year.

Windows 10
GTX 1050Ti
ST1000DX001-1NS162 SSHD - boot
KINGSTON SA400S37 120GB SSD - secondary (for now)
Chieftec Smart 400W GPS-400A8
2x Kingston HX1600C10D3/8G

Any idea or guess would be nice to try. This case is somewhat funny as I haven't seen this random freezes/shut downs in this variety, but also annoying because I would like to use my PC, but I'm not in a hurry so it's gonna be a good learning experince, I only hope it won't be expensive, but the rig itself is a cheap one anyways.

edit: I ran stress tests, CPU, GPU and PSU looks fine. They were on full load for 30 minutes, I decided to stop to move onto other things to try. My goal was recreating what happened in GTA, now the PC was running over 2 hours browsing on the internet, and the I ran the test, and it didn't shut down this time.
The CPU and GPU didn't go over 70°C, the mobo was a bit mysterious, there are several sensors and some of them shows 115°C, but that's regardless load, so I think that's false value, also I read a lot of people have this and many of the answers say that the values are wrong or the software is wrong or something like this.

I'll try to reinstall Windows on my SSD and see what will happen. For now everyting seems fine, but so it did after my first freeze when the PC ran for over 2 hours until it shutdown again.
I'll also install my IO shield and check the screws too rule any shortage out.
I feel optimistic about repair costs now.

edit 2: after many days the problem disappeared on its own, I was waiting with the OS install just to see what might trigger a crash/freeze, but it just doesn't happen anymore, I guess it was the OS or something
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