PC freezes randomly while playing certain games

Nov 10, 2018
Recently upgraded my PC - upgraded to MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC, GTX 1070ti, Ryzen 5 2600x, G Skill Ripjaws Series V 16GB 3200 DDR4. MY PSU is XFX pro 850W, and one SSD currently - Crucial BX300 240GB.

When I play Black Ops 4 my PC freezes to the point where a hard reset is required. Can't alt tab or anything. This also happens when I play Battlefield 5. It happens more consistently on Black Ops 4, but that game is filled with widespread issues that cause freezing and crashing, according to several posts made on forums, etc. I can go hours playing Battlefield 5 with no problems, but at times it freezes within 20 minutes of playing, or even when I start the game. I've tried closing all background tasks and it still freezes. As a matter of fact, the longest I've been able to play Battlefield 5 (3-4 hours straight) was with a couple of tasks running in the background (Chrome, AMD Ryzen Master, Spotify). I checked my CPU temps and GPU Temps and the highest my CPU goes is around the high 50s and my GPU runs at about 68 degrees, which is fine according to my research. I ran a memory diagnostic to see if there's an issue with my RAM, but everything checked out.

I also play Overwatch a lot, and it has never happened during Overwatch.

Can anyone lead me in the right direction as to how I can narrow down the issue? Or a solution would be fantastic as well. Thanks.



Apr 1, 2013
Did you update your video card? Try rolling back to the last known good driver. Also, it's possible when you updated your video card (say for Battlefield V), it's possible you left some traces of the last driver in the registry path. You may have to reinstall the last driver and use DDU or Revo uninstaller to clean it out. DDU is better. Then install the most resent driver.
Video drivers are fickle. Old video drivers are like some weed growing it the back yard, if you don't get the roots out, it grows back. You can't see the traces of the old driver until it effects your computer. I found it better to reinstall the old driver so the 'uninstall software' can see the registry path. Otherwise you'd have to go 'old school' into the registry path and dig out fragments (which is a real pain).
-But try this first. Go into each game and find the 'reset', 'reset game' or 'default', 'set to default', 'default settings'. and click it. Steam likes to remember your game settings as a courtesy to the gamer. This is a good thing. BUT sometimes it remembers a crash and reprograms it back into the game. It happen a couple of times with Battlefield 3 and COD games.
-Check to see if your anti-virus or firewall program isn't blocking the port or interfering while running with the game. Zone Alarm is notorious for that. Or it may be you have some malware that's maliciously hacking up computer.
-I worked on a computer that was so stuffed with spyware, adware and temporary internet files it prevented anything from running. I ran the 'Disk Cleanup' in C: drive. That tool is sacred. Go into File Explorer> right hand column> This PC> Right click C: drive> Properties> General tab. You may want to run the 'Error checker' and 'Optimize and defragment' later in the 'Tools' tab.
Hope this helps.