Question PC freezes while game is running or immediately after closing it ?

Sep 14, 2022
I have been dealing with an issue for about six months where my PC freezes while running a game, or shortly after shutting the game down. If the game is running, the monitors usually lock up, while the game will still seem to be responsive based on the fact that the audio will still be coming through, only for that to stop a few second later. The system will remain completely frozen until I force a restart, so I am unable to obtain a crash dump from it. When it happens following shutting a game down, it will sometimes reboot on its own, and the crash dump indicates it is either a video TDR error (nvlddmkm.sys) or a DPC watchdog violation (0xfffff803'747f88c0).

I have tried all of the suggested fixes that come from searching these issues, from updating all of the drivers, adjusting some of the power options, and removing display drivers using a DDU in safe mode and reinstalling. What is strange is that when I try some of these fixes (DDU and reinstall, also when I updated the BIOS) the problem seems to resolve for anywhere from a couple weeks to a month before starting up again, and there are no new BIOS or video driver versions. Any idea what the issue could be or how to fix it?

System info:
AMD Ryzen 5 3600
16 GB Ram
GeForce RTX 2060