Question PC freezes while gaming (No BSOD) and other problems. Please Help

Nov 3, 2018
PC specs are down below. Please Note - I have a few suspicions of the origin of the problem, but I'm not decisive or too sure on what it is, though, I'm not expert in computers.
Also, sorry for the long post but I feel like all the small details may be important.
Bit of Background
I did not have these problems before the upgrades.
I have recently upgraded my 6700K to 9900K and upgraded Mobo to a Maximus XI. I did a clean install of windows 10 for my upgrades and I got the latest BIOS and all the latest drivers from the mobo website. I went and installed the Intel HD graphics 1st before I installed the Nvidia drivers (suspicion), the reason I installed the iGPU driver is because I want start learning how to use Adobe Premiere and want to take advantage of the quick sync fast exports so I figured I should install it. Back before the upgrade, when I tried to install the iGPU driver, it gave me an error message; I forgot what it said but remember it was something in the realm of me already having a dedicated graphics card driver, this was the reason why I installed the iGPU driver 1st right after the upgrade.
  1. -Right when I'm booting up my PC there's issues, 2 out of 3 times it stays stuck on the loading screen with the spinning circle for a min or 2 which shouldn't happen since I have a NVME boot drive. 1 thing to take note of is when it boots up fast, like it suppose to, the led indicator on my monitor turns red when windows boots. The red led means G-Sync is activated on my monitor. When it is taking awhile to boot up, the led is white meaning it is not activated until finally windows boots up and turns red. It seems as if Windows waits for my graphics card to be recognized and when it does, it boots up but it takes a while to be recognizes I guess. Not the end of the world but annoying nonetheless since I paid a pretty penny for the nvme.
  2. -Gaming is where I have the main problems. So when I play Rocket League and BFV; the only two games I play for the most part, the graphics are butter smooth mostly, this is only after when the booting of my PC decides to go smooth and fast. But when it takes awhile to boot up windows and I start to game, I start to encounter a bad gaming experience, its almost like gaming at 10-20 fps, just horrible, even though, according to the Steam in-game FPS Counter and Fraps, the fps does not go lower than 110fps ¯\(ツ)/¯. I have to restart once or twice and hope my pc boots up nicely and hope that fixes my gaming issues, and it does most of the time.
  3. -Except for today. While at the menu of Rocket league I had to restart the pc because I could tell it was not going to be a nice gaming experience. The restart worked and so I started gaming, 1hr in and my whole computer froze while in a match, nothing worked everything was frozen. So I powered off and on my pc and it was taking long - nothing surprising - but when trying to game 10mins in the pc froze again. So same process and now I tried going to Chrome and watch YouTube videos and again it froze.
  4. -I am typing right now and it seems my computer is okay, not going to game anytime soon, too risky.
Suspicion (Maybe's) of the origin of the problem
  1. installing the Intel HD graphics driver before the Nvidia driver.
  2. Maybe the new mobo is defective
  3. Video Card got ESD'ed during the upgrade.
Things I Tried
  1. Clean install of Windows a couple times.
  2. Reinstalled the latest nvidia driver.
  3. Installed a slightler older nvidia driver.
  4. Disconnected the Vcard and connected it back.
  5. Created a restore point every time I installed a driver to my clean install of Windows.
  6. Once I get to the installation of the nvidia driver, that's when my computer has those issues
  7. Checked the Memory.dmp file, I'm no computer technician
Things I need to do and aware of.
  1. Place the Vcard in another PCIe slot.
  2. Put a different Vcard (a spare 1050 Ti)
  3. Not installing the Intel HD graphics driver after a clean windows install
  4. Just installing the nvidia drivers after a clean windows install.
Help Needed!
I checked the memory.dmp file - now I'm not computer technician or expert so I don't know what this means or how to solve it but here is a small bit of what it said.
Bugcheck Analysis
The video memory manager encountered a condition that it can't recover from. By crashing,
the video memory manager is attempting to get enough information into the minidump such that
somebody can pinpoint what lead to this condition.


  • i9-9900K
  • ASUS Maximus XI
  • EVGA GTX 1080 SC
  • G.skill 32gb 3200mhz, CAS-14
  • NZXT Kraken x62
  • 1TB 970 EVO NVME (Boot drive/Important Application Drive)
  • 2TB Sandisk Plus SSD (Game drive)
  • 2x - 4TB WD Black 7200RPM (RAID 1)
  • EVGA 850W PSU 80+ Gold
  • Windows 10 Home
Dual Monitor
  1. Asus ROG PG279Q
  2. Asus VG248
Nov 3, 2018
Figured it out after hours of trying almost everything. I disabled RC6 in my BIOS (default:auto) and it worked. Not sure what it does but I fixed it, which is the worst time of fix. ¯\(ツ)