Question PC freezes with a random color on screen when running an intensive game


Apr 17, 2014
This started happening last week. I was loading Arma 3 for the very first time when my PC suddenly crashed. Ever since then, I've been unable to play graphic intensive games. Once I load a game and start playing, the computer freezes displaying a random color on the screen and distorted audio plays through my headphones. Sometimes, black bars flicker around the game before it freezes. Very rarely does the game itself crash, allowing me to continue using the PC without manually shutting it down. I am able to play low graphic games like League of Legends but still occasionally freezes the PC. When the problem first started, I wasn't able to load past the BIOS screen unless I uninstall the drivers in Safe Mode. Recently it stopped happening for some reason. After I shut down PC when freezing, DirectX Diagnostic Tool shows that my GPU has an "error 43" and switches to default Windows driver.

I've done everything I could. I tried uninstalling the video drivers using Display Driver Uninstaller and reinstalling drivers from various release dates (including very old ones, and through Windows update). Reseating my GPU and RAM does nothing. I made sure none of the cables connecting to PSU were loose. The same issue happens on a different monitor. Memtest86 shows no problem with the RAM. I've even updated my BIOS. Temperatures are as they should be when idle or running games. When I did, however stress test my GPU using Furmark, the temperatures were at 70 C before freezing. I bought a new GPU and I'm having the exact same problems.

What could be the issue? Just to let you know, this PC is only six months old. Although I did have problems with the motherboard when first building it. I screwed in my Ryzen stock cooler a little too tight and it ended up bending my motherboard, making my RAM undetectable. I remounted the motherboard and everything has been fine since then. A similar issue did happen a couple of months ago when I started Vermintide 2 and crashed my PC. It wouldn't boot until I reseated the GPU. Also, every time I start up my PC, there's a 3/5 chance my keyboard doesn't work until I replug it. Could my motherboard be the culprit?
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