Question PC Freezes with buzzing sound on 1st startup!

Oct 11, 2020
Whenever my PC is booted for the first time of the day, it would always freeze and make this horrible buzzing sound after 5 - 10 mins of usage.
I would then have to force shut down the PC, and it would run completely fine for the hours onwards.
I built this PC in the summer of 2019, and its already dying on me.

I've been cleaning my PC on a monthly basis, and I'm sure that non of the parts are overheating.
I've tried updating all my drivers (Driver booster), re-installed my Nvidia graphics driver (DDU), ran a windows system check on my disc, and had uninstalled all windows update that occurred after the crashing happened.
Not sure if this would help, but whenever I bump my table (where my PC sits), my PC would have this huge lag until I restart my system. (i.e. delay in mouse cursor movement, with choppy movements)

Can someone please give me a hint on how to diagnose this problem of mine. I really have no clue on what I should do ;*)


Ryzen 5 3600
G skill 3200, 8GB * 2
X570i Aorus pro wifi, itx
Gigabyte 2070 super gaming oc
Corsair SF750
Samsung 970evo plus 500gb
Asus Ryuo 120 aio
Phanteks Evolve shift air itx case