PC Freezes with multiple programs running and games, huge fps lag


Mar 26, 2013
Hey what's up, so I built a pc a while back and updated it last year, here are the specs from what I can gather right now (at work)

500gb seagate barracuda (from og build in 2013)
500gb external
(Around 50gb left on each)

I5 4690k (2015)
Gtx 660 2gb super-clocked (2013)
Corsair cx500m (2013)
Corsair h60
Corsair xms3 8gb (2 x 4gb) 1333mhz (2013)
Nzxt phantom 630 (2013)
(Idk the mother board I think its a gigabyte or a msi, ill update later, its nothing fancy though got it when I got the i5, was amd phenom II X4 965 beforehand)

Anyways this is the issue:
As months have gone on this year my computer has just became slower and slower in a unique way, its still a swift computer but everything just seems buggier in a sense. Somedays are better than others but most of the time while im on skype playing games like h1z1, call of duty, gta5, and sometimes battlefield they computer will just freeze or make weird freezy noises, I can visually run the game fine but the game itself lags none consistently, the fps is everywhere and if im off skype the games are typically fine except gta. The same applies for youtube, youtube videos while playing will just freeze everything, Sometimes I can ctrl alt del but other times I cant, and the computer still lags once everything is force closed.

I just cant pinpoint anything. I dont see it being graphics because come on the 660 isnt that old. I5 4690k is fine, the one thing is the ram and hdd, some games are on the hdd some are on the external and both are really full, like 50gb left on both, and the ram is just old it seems compared to vengeance but it was cheap and 8gb is more than enough. I really need some help here because it seems like im not getting what Inpaid for lol. Thanks guys

(Not sure if I explained the lag efficiently. Its not fps like video card related lag, at least I don't think, the games typically run perfectly, a bit slow but I can usually run on high, the freezing cause what seems like fps lag but it spikes every minute or so and in between the spikes the fps is fine)


Jun 26, 2016
Does your radiator have a dust filter? If it does, take it out and clean it. If not, take off the radiator and blow it with compressed air(or one of those keyboard blowy thingies). I remember when I had an H70 on an FX-8120 8-Core, and the temperatures averaged high 50's on idle and 70's on load without any OC. OC was impossible because even bringing it up to 3.3 from 3.2 would make it go into thermal shutdown. All I did was pull out the radiator, blow it, and put it back in. I was then able to get a 4GHz overclock and temperatures around 50.

What could also be a problem is the hard drives. Remember that as a hard drive disk gets more filled up, the reader/writer arm has to move a longer distance, causing it to be slower overall.

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