Question PC Freezing and Blue Screening HELP NEEDED

Aug 21, 2019
So for about the last year (yes that long) my computer has gone a long ride full of error codes and random freezing and I've finally decided to reach out into the internet for help. So here are the details:

While using my computer on the internet or playing Rainbow Six Siege, my computer will sometimes freeze. No blue screen error, just frozen. My tower (In Win GT1) has blue flashing lights that display when the disk is being read. When my computer freezes these lights stop, there is no read coming from the disk and everything is locked up.

The other thing that will happen is blue screening. The blue screening is sometimes random, sometimes not. I will elaborate further, but first here is a list of all the blue screen errors I have received over the course of this time:
Page fault in nonpaged area
Memory Management (3 different times)
Critical structure corruption
Page fault in nonpaged area [file name: FLTMGR.SYS]
Kmode exception not handled
Kernel security check failure (2 times)
System thread exception not handled
System service exception [what failed: FLTMGR.SYS]
Page fault in nonpaged area [file name: Ntfs.sys]

As previously mentioned, most of these blue screens are during random browsing working or gaming. Though sometimes, these blue screens would come during the download of a gpu driver or a windows update. Unfortunately I did not make a note of which ones occurring during driver update, but I felt that would be a detail to add.

Now over the last year I have taken measure to try and fix the issues. Here is a list of the things I have tried thus far to fix the issues:
  1. I have reformatted Windows multiple times
  2. Ran Memtest64 and confirmed RAM was functioning properly
  3. Converted to an Samung 860 EVO SSD (thought HDD could be malfuctioning) but didn't fix issues. NOTE: I used the Samsung Migration to move all my files over
I am unsure how to get file dumps that I can view and analyze so that could be a vital part of fixing whats going wrong.

If anyone has any inside or knows what could be happening please let me know!