Question PC freezing during gaming, requiring restart


Jun 13, 2016
Hi all,

After downloading Cyberpunk 2077 and playing a few hours, my computer started freezing, and I was unable to Alt+tab out, so was forced to restart. This happened more and more frequently and now occurs every 10-30 mins.
I put this down to the game being notoriously buggy. However, it is now happening during other games.
I have tried as follows…

.Updating graphics card drivers
.Game files integrity check
.Windows files integrity check
.Reinstalling games
.Windows updates
.Disc health check
.Complete system reset (and disc clean)

I have checked GPU and CPU temps under continued loads, the GPU stays in the low 70’s and the CPU under 80, which from what I’ve read seems reasonable.
I checked my system on PCpartpicker, and it comes in at an estimated 417W, whereas my power supply is only rated for 430W - which surprised me, as I thought I checked before I upgraded the system just over a year ago. I’ve heard PSU degradation is a thing, so is this likely to be the issue? I’m really asking for a second opinion, as I don’t want to have to buy a new PSU just to find the problem is still occurring.

My specs are as follows…

16GB DDR3 1600
Sapphire RX580 8GB PULSE
Samsung 750 250GB SSD
ASUS Z97-P Motherboard

Thanks in advance..